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What To Expect

Why Choose Boost

People Choose Boost Because

They want to know the Health & Vitality of themselves and their family are in sound hands. Our ideal practice members are vitalistic, energetic thriving members of the community who are focused on being the best version of themselves on a daily basis whether it be at work, home or on the sports field. They are focused and successful. As leaders in their community and in their family they make decisions for health that are proactive for their health not reactive to a lack of health.

What You Can Expect At Your Visits

Your First Visit
Initial Consultation

During your first meeting with one of our chiropractors we will listen to you and record a full health and lifestyle history to really identify what has led you to your current state of health.


Following the initial meeting we will perform the following set of customised examinations:

  • A full hands on examination checking the function of your spine and nervous system

  • Functional tests to measure how efficient your body is

  • Digital Postural examination using our Posture Pro™ system

  • Full spinal rolling thermal scan to measure how your body is functioning right now

  • Referral for X-rays if we need to

At this point we should have gathered plenty of information so that we can go and write a full written report ready for your next visit which you can make as you leave our practice.

Report Visit And First Adjustment

During your second visit your Chiropractor will give you a full written report as well as a verbal report of their findings. This will endeavour to cover five main areas you will want to know:

  • What the actual problem is

  • How this has happened in the first place

  • The results of the tests and scans from our first meeting (and what they mean for you)

  • Options going forward if you choose to address it

  • How long, How much, and What to expect along the way

Following your report you may choose to start chiropractic care straight away. Here is what to expect:

The Chiropractor will have customised a care plan and will perform a full spinal check-up at each visit, they will be looking for what has changed, also, what hasn’t. After analysing and locating any subluxated areas the chiropractor will (with your permission of course) perform chiropractic adjustments as required.​

Using a range of techniques perfectly suited to you they will specifically, gently and directly adjust the areas of interest with the aim of “turning the power on” letting the body do what it does best, heal, function and perform at its best.

Progress Visit

It is time to re-assess where you are at. By measuring your progress you will know exactly how far you have come and will have the information you need going forward. These scans are free, and a great opportunity to see how your body is functioning now, after each phase of your care.


The chiropractor will perform some of the same tests and scans you originally experienced on your first visit. Following this special visit the chiropractor will go away and compare your results to your last set of scans and come up with some possible options for you going forward.

Your second report of findings visit will be where the chiropractor and you can celebrate the power and ability of the body and together go through the options and create a plan of action moving forward.

N.E.T. Visit

Neuro Emotional Technique or NET is a stress reduction technique. It’s a wholistic method of releasing the body effects of emotional stress which are responsible for repeating spinal conditions and repeating patterns of behaviour. 

Benefits: When we are under a lot of stress such as we all have been during the last 2 or more years a whole cascade of things can be going on. Neck problems, lower back problems, stomach problems and anxiety are but a few examples. But if we can get to the underlying cause that keeps getting re-triggered, we can heal and lives can change. 

Using muscle testing the NET practitioner can identify neuro-emotional complexes (NECs) involving conflict between emotional reality (subconscious) and actual reality (your conscious mind). 

Correction through gentle spinal adjustment or pulse points on the wrist, brings about congruency between these two aspects of consciousness which aids your body’s ability to heal itself and it can happen quite quickly.

A series of three 30-minute sessions are recommended followed by a review of progress and discussion of any future needs.


Before commencing, an online questionnaire should be completed which helps identify areas to focus on. This is found at

Who We Help

Who We Help

Family Health

It is our passion to see the young and old of our community experience great health for a lifetime.

Chiropractic is a vital addition to a healthy lifestyle which should always include good eating, fun exercise, great sleep and clear communication. Chiropractic adds the vital power which lets the body function at its best. Allowing you to enjoy life and get the most out of it.

Pre-conception, pregnancy, babies & children

Having children changes your life.This hugely positive and fulfilling experience is one of the driving forces behind Boost Chiropractic’s passion.

Their neurological system continues to grow and learn at an astounding rate, absorbing information from their environment, their senses gathering information from the outside world as well as from within their own body as it grows with them. All of this information is processed and integrated at lightning speeds in the brain which then forms strategies and responses in bodily function. Keeping this neurological system functioning and growing perfectly is what we love to see, the resulting development is imperative to bringing up well rounded, balanced, happy children. Improvements in Memory, Learning, Performance, Attention and Motivation are common.

Sports and Performance

Everyone who competes wants to do so at their best ability. It is for that reason many sports people seek the competitive edge that chiropractic can provide. Having a neurological system working at its absolute best means greater strength, longer endurance, maintained focus, better balance and improved co-ordination. All the ingredients for top performance whether it is weekend kicks with the kids or top level sports athletes.


Have Symptoms?

Symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know that there is a problem.
But many people ignore these subtle signs that your body isn’t functioning at its best or even worse, think that their symptom is “normal” “common” or “age related”
Symptoms are the warning signal telling you there is dysfunction within your body. Not unlike the engine light on your vehicle dashboard- the problem isn’t the light bulb/ symptom itself (although very unpleasant) it is the problem causing the engine light or symptom to come on.
All of the following are unfortunately very common in our community but certainly are not normal:

Neck Pain

Headaches and Migraines

Back Pain

Low Energy

Numbness and/or Tingles


Hormone Imbalances


Extremity Pain

Ear Infections


Colicky Babies

Over Sensitivity

Poor Settling

Poor Digestion


Poor Sleeping


Boost Chiropractic is here to work with you in your health journey, giving you the best and most up to date information we can on how to support your body’s wellbeing for a lifetime, and it is up to you how you use us.

Boosted Beginnings

New Practice Member Consultation – $120

Boosted Adjustments

Adult visit – $55
Senior/ Child/ Student visit – $50
Family visit (2 adults and all dependants) – $100
ACC Visit – $40
NET Visit – $100

Boost Wellness Bundles

12 Visit Bundle  $594 (10% off)
24 Visit Bundle $1122 (15% off)
36 Visit Bundle $1584 (20% off)
Family Bundles $POA
Payment at time of visit is appreciated.
Most of us recognise that chiropractic care for a healthy body is a choice, no different from choosing to eat healthy or exercise. The majority of people Boost continues to see come in every so often for a “tune up” to keep their body well connected and functioning the best it can. Other people use chiropractic on a per visit bases ie; only get checked when something hurts – view our information on symptoms.
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