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  • Chanelle Vaughan

What does it take to be healthy?

What does it take to be healthy? To be well? To be functioning at your highest potential? In today’s world the messages of how to achieve health and wellbeing are seemingly endless. Eat paleo. Cut out carbs. Drink more water. Drink less caffeine/soda/juice. Take supplements. Have breakfast smoothies. Don’t eat cake unless its gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and raw. Meditate. Exercise. But not too much. And not too little. It can be overwhelming. In fact I feel like I need a good rest after typing it out! While many of the recommendations are based on good advice there is a key piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked. No matter what you put into your body, or what you put your body through, you will never be your absolute best unless your internal communication is working. Let me paint a picture for you. Our office is on the main road to the beach and boat ramp. On a clear sunny warm Saturday morning there is a constant stream of tractors going past towing an endless parade of boats towards the water (just ask Tom…he often watches them wishing he was on one of them!). Each tractor is working well to get the boat to the beach. The cylinders are firing, the wheels are turning and the trailer is following along nicely. Everything is working together. The fuel is combusting to turn over the engine. The accelerator is in delicate control of the speed. The steering wheel is directing the vehicle the right way. It’s magic. Now imagine there is a misfire of the engine. Or the accelerator gets stuck. Or the steering wheel comes off in your hands. If either one of those components of the tractor is out of communication or out of touch with the rest of the tractor it’s ability to tow the boat is greatly reduced. No matter how much great quality fuel is in the tank, if the steering wheel is disconnected the tractor won’t work at 100%.

Our bodies are the same. No matter what fuel we put in, what exercise we do, how relaxed our minds are, if our brain and nerve system isn’t communicating with our organs, tissues and cells, none of it matters. This is why we believe Chiropractic is such a vital part of working at 100% optimum ability. Chiropractic adjustments help our brains and our bodies to communicate more fully, only through clear unhindered communication can our bodies use all of the fuel we put into them. Only with clear unhindered communication can our muscles efficiently and effectively work, grow and function. Only with clear unhindered communication can our minds know that our body is working and then fully relax. That is why Chiropractic is so simple. Its as easy as realising that a tractor can’t work without all the parts connected properly. Our bodies can’t work unless all the parts are connected properly. And only once everything is fully connected and communicating can it start to use the wonderful nourishing fuel you put in efficiently. So if you take the time to think about what goes into your body, or what exercise you participate in, take the time to think about getting your internal communication pathways working. Only then will you start getting the best out of your body.



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