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  • Chanelle Vaughan


So often in Chiropractic offices we hear “I’ve been sleeping better” But what is that? In Chiropractic we often distinguish between three states of health

Ease: A state of optimum function in the body’s offices or processes. 100% function.

Dis-ease: (the hyphen is important): a lack or movement away from normal function of the body’s offices or processes, which is not always felt or is measurable. Think “I didn’t even know I was sleeping poorly until I was sleeping better” in the Medical model some would call this sub-clinical presentation.

Disease: (no Hyphen) A medical entity that is diagnosed based largely on signs or symptoms and has a system of treatment. Think Insomnia or Sleep Apnoea. An almost complete lack of ease.

So there can be many levels of health that lay in the Dis-ease realm between Ease and Disease. Our health is not binary, we aren’t either sick or well.

A Chiropractors Job is limited. We do not to treat any disease or even any dis-ease to do with sleep or otherwise. Simply put our role is to facilitate, restore and optimise human health and performance by removing that which gets in the way of normal healing and function: Subluxation.

Subluxations interfere with the body’s neural function and restricts that natural (and intelligent) ability that is inborn in all of us- the ability to function normally and heal.

So who do you know who doesn’t know that they are sleeping with a lack of Ease or wellbeing?

Send them along to get checked by a Chiropractor for Subluxation.

They’ll notice the difference!


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