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  • Chanelle Vaughan


Updated: Jul 8, 2021

How many times have your friends and family asked you what the Chiropractor does? Or what is Chiropractic? And how many times have you struggled to come up with a short answer that makes sense? We hear it all the time; that it can be a hard one to explain to friends and family. So here is our answer:

We at Boost Chiropractic pay attention to the overall function of your body. We do this by focusing on your spine and nerve system (brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves) to ensure this system is working at its best.

Did you know that every system, organ, muscle, joint, every single cell in your body is controlled by the nerve system. Which is AMAZING. As you sit and read this you have trillions of reactions and reproductions and activities going on inside your body, and you’re not even aware of them – digestion, cell replication, heart beats, breathing, blood filtering, old cells dying, toxin excretion…the list literally goes on and on and on. All of these functions are VITAL to you being you and you being ALIVE and every single one of them is controlled by your nerve system. So it’s kind of important to us as living humans that this system is working, and working well.

As your nerve system runs through your spine, that’s where we focus. If your spine isn’t doing its job well and protecting your vital nerve system, then your nerve system may not be working efficiently. Your spine could be effected by stressors – PHYSICAL stress (knocks, accidents, falls); MENTAL stress (deadlines, relationships, assignments); CHEMICAL stress (food, medications, alcohol).

So what do we do? We focus on your spine to support your nerve system to function at its optimum to in turn allow your body to heal, adapt and thrive.


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